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Crash Summary
Total Crashes: 306,804
Injury Crashes: 127,179
Total Injuries: 194,274
Crashes with Traffic Fatalities: 2,091
Total Traffic Fatalities 2,248
Commercial Vehicle Crashes: 34,404
Commercial Vehicles: 37,171
Property Damage Crashes: 177,534
*Pedestrian Crashes: 6,807
*Pedestrian Fatalities: 488
**Bicycle Crashes: 5,036
**Bicycle Fatalities: 105

As of Date: 10/16/2018

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*Types of Crashes Included
*Pedestrians are reported as Non-Motorist Description of 01-Pedestrian & 02-Other Pedestrian
**Bicyclists are reported as Non-Motorist Description of 03-Bicylist & 04-Other Cyclist